Funky Menu Design

Crude versions of this menu idea have been doing the rounds for a while now. They tend to be one of a class of visual designs demonstating interesting CSS features but which do sometimes struggle to fit into any real world designs. Some time ago I spotted a rather incomplete version (built by Develish Alchamist) but which didn't work well in a responsive framework and didn't work at all on some devices.

The front end was initially generated using DART SASS due to the complexity but finalised by hand (as CSS so often has to be). The end result is striking, especially on a small factor device but comes with the disadvantage that the menu must be fairly small otherwise it runs out of room and if the height of the browser is very small - the menu items are hidden. Originally the hotspot wasn't particularly signalled but it is now, and using a nod to a conventional menu activation icon. Without that, most folks didn't spot that it is a clickable part of the user interface. Media queries are used to help it responsively scale while transitions within the CSS are used to soften changes.

I'm not sure I'll ever find a use for this, but I do like the way it looks...