Selfie Mirror

...as the song goes, allow me to introduce myself

UK based, I am predominantly involved in software engineering and love working on embedded hardware, SQL database design (TSQL) and web site design (ASPX, Javascript, perl cgi). As a result, this site sometimes ends up being a bit of a playground for new ideas (funky menu design)... which isn't such a bad thing given it means I can avoid looking like the many generic templated sites out there. I built this site from scratch using a combination of CSS3, bootstrap, JQuery and assorted glue logic to hold it together.

When it comes to engineering I've always loved the idea of striving for a harmony between man and machine. You get this when you pick up a device and the feel is just right... and the software makes it a real pleasure to use. That kind of balance is particularly difficult to achieve - and will nearly always require the lions share of any development time. The Japanese actually have a phrase for this; 'Jinba ittai' which dates back to Japanese horse archery days, where it was understood that if the arrow was to hit its mark, the rider and horse would have to be in complete balance and harmony during the battle. The phrase more specifically captures the idea of the strong bond between both elements and is a good example of language capturing a complex idea... succinctly. Jinba ittai is a worthy ambition for any software/hardware engineer. I use it as a page title tag on this site, just as a gentle reminder of that goal.

The project section refers to personal projects I've worked on, many of which are car/engine based and which sometimes have relevance to a wider community. Thus far, the work notes I wrote while retro-fitting a Bosch 14CUX Hot Wire fuel injection system into an elderly 1962 V8 powered Land Rover has been downloaded over 30000 times worldwide. I often receive emails asking for comments and advice on that project, which I like because I enjoy sharing ideas, especially with folks who sometimes know more than I.

The blog section reveals some of my thoughts on topical areas.

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to say hi even if you're just passing through...